New Discovery!

Today Aruj and I went out with Ms. Gross to change the memory cards on the cameras near the fox den, and we found a dirt path that started just to the left of the den.  Ms. Gross mentioned that she often saw the foxes going in that direction, and recently we haven’t gotten many pictures of them, so we suspected that they may have moved somewhere else after they discovered the cameras at their home.

We followed the path, which is about the width of a fox and covered with vegetation.  After about 20 feet, we found a hole similar to the one we found earlier, so we are wondering if this is an alternate entrance to the foxes’ main den.  If the hole is an alternate entrance and foxes are seen around there, the disappearance of the foxes will be explained.  Or perhaps it is the entrance to another den, but that seems more unlikely.

Our group set up one of the cameras to take pictures of the new place, so we will keep you updated when the pictures of the new den come out.


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