In the other blog posts, we couldn’t upload videos because we didn’t have a Premium account. However, we’ve figured out a work-around, so I thought we could share some of the videos that we have gotten in the past month!

^ Some early footage of the fox kits playing around their den.


^ Most of the fox kits can be seen just sitting around or nuzzling each other. They look like they’re waiting for their mother to come back.


^A lot happens in this video. The mother first drops a dead animal in front of the kits, and the kits attempt to eat it. Then, many of the fox kits run around in a circle through the forest, then realizes that their siblings are nursing and decide that that’s probably the best thing to do. So they all join in.


^ This is a video of a whitetail deer that actually has two tiny budding antlers. His friend comes along around 5 seconds later.


^ This is a video of a northern flicker. They’re part of the woodpecker family. They are common in New Jersey.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!


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  1. I LOVE the work you all are doing investigating wildlife and sharing your fox discoveries. Great footage of kit excitement!


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