A Briefing – The Week of 5/15

This week wasn’t the best week in terms of the amount of pictures and videos that we were able to get. The camera in front of the new den had broken, so we were not able to get any videos from that area this week. However, our best videos from every other week are posted on Kelly’s YouTube Channel, if you want to check it out.

While we did not get any videos from the new den this week, we did get quite a few pictures with a wide variety of animals. Below is a picture of a woodchuck. We have also seen woodchucks around the old den and around campus! The camera by the old den captured some very nice video of the woodchuck walking around and climbing a tree. This video can be seen on Kelly’s YouTube Channel, under the title Woodchuck Waddle.


The camera also picked up many pictures of raccoons at night. Since they are native to North America, extremely common, and their population size is growing, this is not surprising.


As expected, many deer videos and pictures were taken this week. Deer are found in such large numbers that people have started to consider them as pests.

Through the videos, we have found some development in the deer, specifically the male ones. One of our other writers, Kelly, will be writing an in-depth blog post on that topic soon.


Unfortunately, we the camera did not capture much of the fox kits this week. We did get a few pictures, so one of our other authors, Aruj, will be writing a blog post detailing their activities soon.

Overall though, we have seen a variety of animals around the dens, so hopefully our cameras will capture more next week. Remember, all of our best videos will be uploaded in the YouTube Channel linked above!


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