Deer Development (And Some New Videos)

In one of my previous videos, a male deer is shown with budding antlers. You can see it below.

Now, after a week, the deer has much longer antlers!


We are not sure if it is the same deer, but the amount of growth in one week is incredible. The herd of deer that this male seems to lead seems to have much more than the one female seen in the video. It appears to have at least four!


In the coming weeks, we will probably be able to see the growth of this young buck’s antlers and hopefully, some baby deer.


Here are some new videos I’ve posted!

This is actually a two 30 second clips of the woodchuck mashed together.

This is an older video of the fox mom nursing her kits. I thought it was really cute so I decided to publish it.

Just some cool squirrels.


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