The Fox Nightlife – Welcome to “The Den”


What do the sleek and elusive foxes do after hours? After all, they are nocturnal animals. The most recent photos we have of a fox kit out and about during the night was taken on May 18th. We are not capturing as much footage now as we were before, suggesting that the kits may be moving on. In the photo above, the kit seems to be alone. Maybe, if he is old enough, he is hunting. Here a slew of nighttime photos we collected around a month ago:




The kits can be seen playing with each other and basically doing the same things as they do during the day time. The last photo is somewhat eerie, as a few of the foxes are staring directly at the camera. One can only imagine what they are thinking…

“Jim, look at this. What is it? It’s staring right at us”

“I think it’s a bear. Mom said they look funny.”

“Let’s stare at it until it stops staring”

“If we don’t move it won’t notice us…”

“Can we eat it?”


These suspicious kits don’t seem to be doing much during the night but they do look like they’re up to something. We’ll have to wait to see if the kits have truly left the den. There are still photos of them (although only a few) so they are definitely still there. We will keep making new posts of this new night segment, “The Den”, as we get more information. Stay posted if you want to learn and see more about these night walker’s activities.

Aruj Jain


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