Man VS Nature

This is more of a public service announcement than a post about the foxes.

So a couple days ago, a black bear was spotted roaming around Middletown, here in Monmouth County. Black bears are not commonly found in Monmouth County so it probably came from somewhere up north. Yesterday night, unfortunately, it was put down by the police. The New Jersey State Fish and Game Department found the bear in a tree in Union Beach and decided they had to put it down. According to their Facebook post on the incident, they had do it in the interest for public safety.  You can find more information here, courtesy of the Asbury Park Press.

This situation makes one think about the whole “man versus nature” idea. We tend to think of the world in two distinct boundaries: civilization and the wild. The general notion is that humans and animals cannot coexist in the same area. Obviously, our world is separated from nature and we can’t just combine the two. However, it is possible to cooperate with the wilderness instead of destroying it, taking over it, and pushing it away. I highly recommend watching the last episode of Planet Earth II to everyone, as it focused on cities and how animals have “adapted” to live with humans. Even the deer and foxes we capture on our camera traps seem to be living peacefully among humans. The fox den is so close to a road (and our school) that you can hear the sound of passing cars. Some animals are starting to learn how to live around us, but can we learn to live around them?

Just food for thought…


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  1. I’m a fisherman and wildlife enthusiasts and this has often been a thought of mine. Why is it that we as humans, a.k.a. top of the food chain, have to disrupt nature instead of learning how to coincide with it. My hope is that sooner than later we realize that coexistence is the path towards all of earths continued success. It’s either that, or we colonize and pollute the stars, but we cut funding for NASA, so that’s out of the question.


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